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Story & ART BY:


Editor & Assistant:



Story & Direction BY:


Art BY:

Kevin D. Raganit

Editor & Assistant:

Liliana Diaz


In a new world, where people bask in their advancements in gaming and technology, a mysterious broadcast appears out of nowhere announcing a tournament called the N.E.O.SIN games. Global media is thrown into frenzy, because whoever is the victor will claim a grand prize unlike anyone has ever seen before. Whoever wins will be granted a power that will bring their capacity as a human to a whole new level.



A Brief History About Ponzi RE:

We started this project when we were in college, spring of 2007. Being deeply moved by the works of Japanese artists that have inspired to pursue our own challenge. This is attribute to all of our inspiration and expression of another point of view that is not expressed in Manga or Anime. It is our story.  We re-made the first chapter at least four times to figure out the direction we are going for. Originally this title was called "Ponzi", since we started re-making it we called it "Ponzi RE".  In May 7, 2012 we successfully published our first rendition of volume one of "Ponzi"  thanks to our successful kickstarter campaign.  We have been doing this project for a very long time in our free time away from our personal lives and work.  It has gotten to the point that in order for us to make releases happen we need financial support.



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Thank you for wanting to donate! You are free to give, all donations are open ended. There is no minimum. If you want to become a sponsor, I will list your name or nickname for every chapter you helped  finance in the credits page. Notify me if you want to be listed under credits.

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PONZI - Book 1
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This is original, first print  of the series "PONZI". Mostly black and white, the current series is being remade into color. It is the prologue book.

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